MPG Barn parties


Via Flickr.

Barn parties are fab. I need, want, desire, covet a barn just so we can toss balloons, champagne, pretty plates and flowers in it for a soiree’. ‘Thinking PH would not be on board with this plan with my motives exposed. We’ll just pretend here in fantasy MPG land, shall we? Country Living does such a nice job of covering the whole Barn Party Culture.





If I was a guest at a Barn Party, this is what I would bring the hostess with the down-home mostess (via Amazon):


…and if the par-tay was in my own MPG barn, I would set this little doo-hickey up for some entertainment…seriously, the name of this is “Hoedown Barn” for entertaining—I kid you not. Don’t you just want one for your family room? Funny thought. Rachey would go crazy for this thing.


I would stock up on these mason jars for flower bundles (peonies for Miss Lulu, sunflowers and tulips for me):


and Sugarland’s latest would be on the ipod for sure.


I might even wear my best apron…or buy a new one (yes! To go with that hole in my head!) from Sassy Apron on Etsy:


Which, of course, would prompt a silly pink cowboy boot purchase from Zappos.

Dare me?


Okay…maybe we’ll pass on the boots…but I definitely would need something festive in my hair from Linda Made on Etsy. Sooo cute.


Oh, goodness…one for every apron in my linen closet!


Then, my MPG girlies, I would be ready for some festive sippin-Persecco-out-of-a-straw party fun!

Happy Saturday.


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  1. Lulu says:

    Can’t wait for them there Peonies. My fantabulous ones are about to bloom, Yippee eye ay. Just in time for 29 days!
    The Sugarland album has a similar image to what I have my eye on for a tat. Love those Sufi flying hearts.

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