MPG Motorcycle Escape

One of the greatest pleasures of my life is riding on the back of PH’s motorbike.

Believe it or not, it is incredibly relaxing (not for him, of course) and peaceful back there when we head out on the open road.

I love that phrase…something so magical about it.

Pure adventure, wanderlust and the landscape out before me just begging for iPhone pictures to be taken.

Recently we had a date to head out East into the Gorge in Oregon–very dry and rolling hill-ish. It was a gorgeous day and I balanced my iPhone on my arm as I gripped it for dear life taking pictures on the fly.

The Gorge has windmills galore—they seem so small from a distance–but I can tell you than when you’re sidled up next to one of these resting on a semi on the freeway, you just can’t imagine that they get those things put together and up there! It’s craziness. I think they should be painted brown like the terrain, but the state of Oregon never asked me. Must be a guy thinking of the plans for these turbines.

Back to the peaceful part…craziest thing… I actually can pray back there I feel so at ease. Part of that is having a very capable and safe pilot up front, but I also find the drone of the engine and the scenery whizzing by to be hypnotic. I have hatched some major dreams and plans on the back of that bike in the past few years. Makes me yearn for more long trips! They’re hard to do when the kid lets are in the nest. I’m thinking retirement might hold a huge motorbike adventure somewhere.

One stipulation that PH has on these jaunts is that we have to stop at least once and drink bad diner coffee on the road. Ah…coffee snob that I am, I do love the company and waitress attitude that comes with bad coffee in small breakfast joints. It’s just awesome! I love striking up a conversation about their small town and what it’s like to live in a population of 350. Part of me could be that waitress in that small town. So many characters and regulars to entertain you throughout your day.

At the end of this particular ride, we realized that we really had to hoof it to get back to relieve our childcare situation. It was like being a teenager and you look at your watch, which is approaching curfew. So disappointing! We didn’t make it as far as we wanted, but I’m already plotting our next trip for the summer when our kids are at camp.

One of the best things PH ever did to invest in our marriage was buy that bike. It’s good for him to head out on his own for “man trips” and some deep thinking. It’s great for stealing away and finding romance. I love it.

* * * * *

Here’s hoping your summer is starting off well and you have less rain than we do…these are ┬áthe days of eating outside and twilight games of tag…oh, I love summer.


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3 Responses to MPG Motorcycle Escape

  1. pam says:

    I just wish my husband had one of his regular motorcycles together to ride, instead of the crazy Drag racing kind that only go for 9 seconds and scare the life out of you! So many of us forget to take time together as adults….the older my son gets I am seeing how important it is…love your on the road pics…maybe that can be a new project ?

  2. Kath says:

    How cute Dave looks in his riding attire – rugged, yet safety first!! As for the bad diner coffee … Boy is he hooked! Think a cross country trip – destination NY would be grand – I promise all the bad coffee he can drink. You just need to find a place to the girls to Pack the girls !! Miss you. Xoxo

  3. Mikal says:

    I love that you guys do that! I am always trying to convince my Dave to get a motorbike but he thinks they are too dangerous. Ugh! He told me he would camp in my girlie vintage trailer though, so I’m getting there! :)

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