New Life…New Blog


So Lovelies…I’m understanding that we all go through different seasons in our lives. Of course, there are the usual ones (singlehood, marriage, family, retirement), but there are also seasons of the heart and what it wants. My heart tends to speak rather loudly and is hard to ignore…always has been. I’ve learned to be obedient if I am to find contentment.

Lately I’m craving simplicity, joy, tranquility and adventure. The umbrella hovering over these magnificent things seems to be A Simple Life. I’ve seen complication build an incredibly strong fortress, excluding all sorts of contentment and happiness . I’d like to let the hard way of doing things fade away.

It’s downright fabulous to discover that less really is more.

I would be thrilled to have you join me at my new spot in the blogosphere. If you are an MPG subscriber (thank you, btw), I’d be very, very excited to see you subscribe over there. I will still be posting the artsy stuff in my life over here from time to time, but with matters of the heart, the quest for simplicity and an all-out search for packing in the extraordinary in our lives…it will be posted on the new blog. As always, I am so thankful for you!

Here it is! Bud-a-bing-bud-a-boom!


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3 Responses to New Life…New Blog

  1. Elaine says:

    Congratulations! I hope this journey into simplicity is your happiest venture yet! Thanks for sharing it with us. I really enjoy reading your blogposts. :)

  2. larablair says:

    Thank you, Elaine! I think it just might be…thanks for following along. Hope your winter is going great! Lara


    I am excited to read your new blog and gleen from you continuing inspiration!

    Mostly, I wanted to share with you a HUGE THANK YOU as I bought The Desire Map and my world has turned upside down in a VERY GOOD WAY! I decided that I needed to do some very deep soul searching to know what my core desires are. They are really quite simple, but to keep them at the forefront of every choice and situation, well that is a new concept and one that has been very helpful in bolstering my confidence and clarity! Along with doing my morning studies, I am also reading daily inspirationals from the book Simple Abundance and writing my daily grattitudes. It’s simply amazing to realize how abundantly I am blessed.

    Well, enough about me. I am putting my Butler (my darling doggie) in the car with me today and heading down to Portland to go to the Container Store to further organize my closet and of course eventually purge myself of clothing which I never wear( but think I might again someday for some purpose). It would be so lovely to see your beautiful face again!

    I will be forever thankful that our paths crossed….bless you!


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