Only love

Only Love available on Etsy.

Do you believe that?

When it comes right down to it, that’s all there really is.

I notice such a change in attitude when I take a stance of being consciously loving…I mean really loving, even when someone is difficult to give this love to.

I’ve been practicing~

letting it go…

not saying that thing I want to say…

not taking it personally…

avoiding resentment…

really avoiding martydom about not be appreciated.

Guarding myself from these love blockers, as I call them, pushes me closer to what God wants for me in my life…there really is only LOVE.

May you feel amazing amounts of love today and this weekend, lovelies!


p.s. My mom’s jewelry line Malakara just launched her Etsy site. Check it out–she’s  a super talented lady.

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3 Responses to Only love

  1. Deana Wolfe says:

    Lara, that was beautifully said! You are truly a beautiful soul and you share your truths through yourself without saying a word. I am proud to know you.

  2. Vicki says:

    Ummmm, mmmm, mmmmm Miss Lara!!! I NEEDED these words this morning. Your list of how we take love out of our own lives is written all over me right now. How silly is that…there is love in ones life to be had and we are busy not allowing it in. Crazy I tell you, CRAZY!!! It’s amazing how being pregnant and being so emotional will make you face up to feelings that when in “control” of ones self you can stuff away and just bull dose through it. Not the best option usually. It always comes out eventually, only the longer it lingers, the messier it is. I will be dealing with some LOVE issues today. Thanks friend.

  3. glad i found your blog…i am loving your photography so much!!

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