Modern Prairie Girl Weekend ~ Barnhouse Bliss

I hope your Easter was special, lovelies…and your weekend was spent laughing around your table with friends and family. I had such a nice weekend with ma mere’ down for a visit and one day of good weather.

* * * * * *

Our sweet BH boys did an impromptu sale this weekend. They had a gorgeous day for it and I loved standing in the sun seeing old friends . As usual, the theater of the layout was up to their usual fab standards and I opted to go with iPhoneography this time around…strange not to have the Big Kahuna with me, but so much easier to do some shoppin’.

Debbie, half of the Worthy Goods duo was there with her two beautiful daughters, Kelly and Shawna.

Kelly, on the left, has started a cupcake business called Bella Berkeley Cupcakes….let’s just say I sampled quite a few and was blown away by the flavor and creativity of her cupcake presentation. Absolutely FANTASTIC!  Her display was equally beautiful…she did an outstanding job.

BH magic in the barn….

Loved visiting with BH boy, Jermonne….He is a special human being. I’m so proud of both he and Joe for living their ultimate authentic life these days. It’s exciting to see them so happy and relaxed…and at the beginning of barn sale season! Way to go, boys.

I’m holding my purchased gear here. I pretty much pounced on that clock when I saw it. Many a woman coming in after me was disappointed to see the sold sign.

This is the holding spot until I can figure out what I where it will live. It. is. so. fabulous.  ~ I can hardly stand it!

The crew for Saturday’s show.


As I was cooking Easter dinner I noticed that the fruit on the table was posing for me again…so I tromped out to the garage where the pretty light was, grabbed some white paper and snapped a few. I love the antique-y-ness of those pears! Not sure what kind they are–anyone know? Kind of have a brownish hue…they look very old world oil painting…I guess that’s why I thought they were worthy of a photo.

I’ve made a pretty big decision about my work-life and I’m extremely excited about it. When I can formulate the words, I will fill you in…all I can say is I’m feeling very light and happy. Funny, because it involves adding something in, not really taking something out…but the stuff that is still in is not as intense because I’m learning the skill of paring down…okay, now I’m really talking in circles. It will make sense later 😉

Have a wonderful week, sweet lovelies!


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Modern Prairie ~ Fab Photo Friday

She was part color…part sheer white.

It depended on the day.

Today the “Mean reds”, as Audrey Hepburn used to call them, was how she defined her life.

The red was passionate…


and deliberate.

And so was she.

“Isn’t it wonderful to walk in a room full of black party dresses in lipstick hues?” she said

It was like she was the only girl in the room for a moment.

“Bravo!” the birds call to her in this field party of one.

She brings her own flowers to this soiree’.

Was the world ready for this girl?

Sure of her footing.

Secure in being colorful and lovely.

This was her color, for sure.


Fallen trees turn from forgotten winter memories to homes for creatures.

Bird nests rest in the crevices and bring life back into it’s branches.

She was a bird in spirit..

She, too, found rest in the old tree as a hiding place for just a little while.

The sky seemed so big to her.

It loomed over the fallen tree like a blanket.

rock to rock she hopped…

on her way to what was to be.

Clear in her intention and excited for the journey.

Perhaps tomorrow she will choose red once again…


Can’t say enough how much I love photographing Solanah. She is the dream muse…one who will tromp through mud and an impromptu rainstorm without complaint.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend lovelies!


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Modern Prairie Girl~Life in the country

We made a conscious decision to live the country life.

A ways from neighborhoods and commerce and hustle and bustle.



A place to create a family life that will conjure up the best kind of memories.


One of the most wonderful things about country living is that this environment creates kid naturalists.

Outside time like when we were kids (but in my case, it involved a banana seat bike in cityscape).

Fresh air and dirt on the hands~

forts and secret paths…

summer bike rides…

garden bounty gathering…

Not having grown up with a lot of space (and being none the wiser…a city childhood suited me just fine). I marvel at what this environment seems to do for a child…my children.

It’s nothing short of precious.

There’s a

whole lotta precious

around me these days.

I’m so much more aware of it now as the girls grow into the tweens. A simple wave from a bicycle can send me into nostalgic fits of wanting to turn back every household clock. Sad, but excited for the future at the same time.

When will they stop asking to ride bikes down to the stop sign?

When will the last impromptu photo session take place before my camera and I are banned from the scene altogether?

How many years until we re-decorate their rooms because the spaces are too “young”?

When will the muddy Converse on the front porch turn into a trail of teenage flip flops to the movie watching room?

I will try my best not to hang on to clouds of “wonderings and longings”…they can cheat moms of present moments…ones I intend to marinate in until the older years come.

I do, however, want to facilitate the belief that all things are possible…especially so when so much time is spent living some dreamy country days.

That there is, in fact, no place like home…BUT there is so much out there for them to see and explore.

This is the time that we hear our children’s dreams out loud…remember when we thought we could be anything? I loved that time!

I desperately want this frame of mind to last in my kids…it saddens me to see it flickering like a lamp post at night. But I do find that out  here, where we can live on a special planet with the choice to venture out or cozy up with just the clan, this “dwelling in possibility” that Emily D. speaks of can last just a little longer than it usually does.

* * *

Feeling very blessed today. Thank you for allowing me to share it~

big hugs–


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MPG nest fluffing continues

So I’ve been a little obsessed with the nest lately. I’m not sure if it’s that we’ve lived here long enough now to really see the look I want or if I’ve been watching too much HGTV…nonetheless, it seems each weekend involves some sort of scene with me and a paintbrush and paint in my hair…or antique store pick-ups that leave the back of the uber-van with wood chips all over the floor (PH’s fave).

This is my favorite spot in the world on a summer afternoon at the compound. I like to sit here on the porch and watch the girls play in the driveway. The colorful pillows are from Pier 1….that place is  a good spot to comb through once in awhile to find some snappy accessories (especially with a 40% coupon!).

Another sure-thing for finding doo-dads is West Elm. Is it me, or have they changed up their look? I really like it and love using some of their modern stuff to put the M in MPG  :)   These urns have been on my list for awhile and I love putting flowers in them.

Finally found some real live cotton plants for the Ironstone pitchers. It’s so delicate, half of it ended up on the floor of my car! A new antique find Bernadette Breu in Portland yielded some fabulous stuff last week…plus Bernadette  is a dolly.

The bedroom is coming together. My fave PH and me pic greets me in the morning..that was a happy day.

We had an “incident” with the down comforter—-involved a teenage Beagle’s bladder problem—so we’ve been without one for years. Finally broke down and got one at IKEA, of all places. It’s really good quality down and was so affordable! I’m so glad our Ikea is close…it’s always good for modern finds as well.

This art piece is by my pal, Joe of BH land….It’s metal and I love it! He teases me that he wants it back, but I tell him he can visit it anytime he wants.

‘Bought these horse ribbons from the sweet girls of Junk Salvation this winter and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Inspiration hit with a glue gun and a vintage frame and voila’! Horse art for my little horse girl’s room. It’s pretty big, so I’m thinking above her bed.

This potato sack is from my childhood and has been hiding out in my mom’s basement. She brought it down and I had it framed (benefits of having a framer for the studio…way less of an investment…PH is afraid even he will end up in a frame on the wall!). It’s also huge and takes up the whole wall in the utility room, but it makes me smile every time I do laundry.

Cost Plus Market has been surprising me lately. Great furniture (I’ve got some on my Pinterest decor board) and yet more fun modern finds like this vase. My decor and photography book collections have grown up this year and threatens to topple the bookcase, so I have them in stacks all over the house!

I’ve always got my eyes open for good home finds, but I’m also pretty thrifty…except when it comes to large pieces of furniture. Finally getting the couch slipcovered…excited about it as the flowers aren’t me anymore. Funny how things change.

Where do you like to find the goods, lovelies? Any surprising stores that we all know about?

Hope your weekend was smashing! Spring has arrived here and I just might put my sweaters up high in the closet. ‘Hoping spring has arrived for you too.


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Good design and glossies from far away


I spend more than I should on glossies that have arrived here by international transport.

Yes…I am obsessed with Brit and Australian publications.

I am not afraid to admit that I for-went the weekly soy latte and scone so that I could justify a $9.00 glossy purchase.


Anyway…thought I’d share my faves today and why they light my fire so much.

Do love it when they’re free and 0n-line, like Ivy and Piper, but I do miss creating tear-out sheets as that has become another obsession around here.

Ivy and Piper

Country Style

found here.

Country Home and Interiors is a UK publication that makes me want to move to Whales…gorgeous photography and fun ideas.

Living Etc. is the ultimate combo of funky and chic…from these pages come strange impulses to put up paper mache’ rhino heads collaged with newsprint and install a hammock in the bedroom. Really creative and always inspiring.


I’ve discovered that the ultimate decor style for me is a white-washed palette (white wood floors too) and a pops of color everywhere. Dreamy and fresh…perfect for dark NW winters. I’ve got a future project up my sleeve that warrants hordes of tear-sheets for the MPG inspiration design files (or the MPG-IDF..haha). Since proclaiming this decor style as my fave, the coolest websites have been crossing my path. My favorite is Bright.Bazaar, with the cutest bow-tie wearin’ host you’ve ever seen (A Brit, of course). Here’s some eye candy I’ve bookmarked.

Hus&Hem via My Scandinavian Retreat

Last two images: Thomas J. Story for Sunset magazine.

* * * * *

I also adore a Netherlands and Australia based blog that put out the design mojo for us white/color-palette lovin’ friends~

The Style Files

(images via Femina & Lovenordic Design Blog)

The Design Files

Via: The Design Files ~ Assemblage paintings in the kitchen / dining area – Fysh Rutherford

The Design Files makes me want to move to Melbourne and not look back! I have a client that just got back from Melbourne and said that I would adore it…she wants to go back as soon as possible. I’m thinking there might be a veeeery long flight in my future.

Well..I plan on nesting this weekend…lots of painting projects and some scary stuff with my glue gun. Can’t wait to show you what I’m been working on!

Happy weekend, lovelies!


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