Paintings (photography too!) Edward hopper style

You could say I’m a “noticer” of many things.

In fact, I get stimuli overload pretty easily…but the good news is that beauty seems to pop out at me everywhere. Art in particular…and how light is portrayed in art.

My favorite painter, Edward Hopper, was all about shadows. The light and the dark not only within bungalows and city high rises, but in the hearts of his subjects. So dramatic and deliberate. I’ve been drawn to his light since I was a kid.

















There have been some incredibly talented photographers who have taken on an Edward Hopper-esque project. They speak to me for so many reasons.

via Pinterest.

via C4DLounge
















via. BlueVerticalStudio


Via Richard Tuschman.

Via. Michaela C. Theurl

These next two are amazing to me…re-created photograph on the top, painting on the bottom.

More of these examples here. So fabulous.

I also have a new favorite Hopper-esque contemporary painter named Susan Bennerstrom. Her work is stunning and I could easily picture it on my walls.










Oh, to know how to paint!! Someday.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays (and it’s not holi-crazed). We’re hanging in there—this week is a killer for elementary school teachers. If I make it to Friday with every nerve in tact it will be a miracle!


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