Photography and art retreat in West Texas




















October 11th-12th 2012

Ignite Texas Ya’ll  in Snyder, Texas is coming up and I am very, very excited. The story of how this Northwest girl ended up trekking to a part of Texas I knew nothing about begins with a certain woman named Cecilia who emailed me out of the blue. She and her Rodeo Queens had me out in 2010 and I’ll never be the same. It was meant to be!

The people there (and the ever-so-photogenic mesquite trees) have my heart and I will continue to teach there as long as they’ll have me. This next retreat is a special one for me now that I know what budding photographers and artists need there—many of last year’s attendees are coming, which thrills me to no end. Last year this testimony sent to me from one of last year’s attendees was the encouragement I needed to head back.

* * *

When I considered attending the Ignite the Heart retreat in West Texas, I thought I was going to learn how to use my camera on manual settings. I received so much more. Lara is more than a photography teacher; she is a teacher of the heart, an inspirer, anencourager, a business teacher, an artist, professor and now friend. I highly recommend attending the study ~ amateur or professional. There is truly something for everyone. Lara is a blessing and a delight!

* * *

As far as photography is concerned, the retreat location is a dream.
































We had some fantastic models and shot a ton of stuff that knocked my socks off. Ever wonder how to shoot in bright, bright Texas sun (if you have to)? Oh, yeah–we worked it.














































If you don’t know how to use your camera, but really really want to take good pictures, this workshop is for you.

If you want to be more creative in your life and are not sure where to start, this workshop is for you.

If you know that God gave you creative gifts and you want to serve Him with those gifts, but you’re in a rut, this workshop is for you.

If you want to hang with some very cool, artsy, fun and happy people in a creative environment this workshop is for you.






























This workshop itself is incredibly affordable ($335) compared to the uber-spendy ones out there. I guarantee that you will leave inspired and in love with your camera. If you live in the area, you are getting a heck-of-alotta info for a small investment.

The accommodations at the Windmill Ranch are also very affordable:

Big House

The Big House is a cedar cabin consisting of three bedrooms and three private baths. All bedrooms have one full-sized bed with central heat and air (meals included). $286.09

Tent House

The Tent House is a small cedar cabin featuring one full-sized bed, and a bathroom enclosed by a canvas tent. The Tent House is heated and cooled. (meals included) $330.93

Tent 2

Tent 2 is a canvas tent situated atop a three-foot high wooden platform, covered by a metal roof. This tent features two full-sized beds, bathroom, and is heated and cooled. (meals too) $264.74

Tent 3

Tent 3 is a canvas tent situated atop a three-foot high wooden platform, covered by a metal roof. This tent features two full-sized beds, bathroom, and is heated and cooled. (meals too) $264.74

Meals Only:

All meals during the weekend:  $74.73

Example: The total price of this workshop if staying in a tent house is $665.93

“Wow, Lara! That’s half of what I paid at a workshop I went to last year where know one even bothered to ask my name.”


And so much more.




Email me   (   and we’ll set you up for an amazing time!


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3 Responses to Photography and art retreat in West Texas

  1. Pam says:

    She summed you up perfectly! Anyone else wondering the money is well worth the investment Lara is a great teacher and you will be so glad you took the time for yourself! Sounds wonderful….I’ve never been to Texas except through the airport! Wish I could make it, maybe next year!

  2. ah, man!!! Now you’re going to Texas where I used to live?!!!! No fair! I’m going to have to get you out to Tennessee for one of these awesome retreats of yours and so I can hug your neck! You know Nashville would be the PERFECT place for one of these 😉 huh? huh? xo

  3. Lulu Boyd says:

    I loved the workshop last year and counting the days for this workshop. I would recommend Lara’s workshop to all my friends!!! This young lady, Lara, has such a zeal for life and unending wisdom in photography, I would love to just enhale half of what she knows and gives in these workshops. Thanks Lara for coming to Texas!!!

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