Pursuit of the sparkly life


I’ve have this little mantra in my head lately…sometimes to really sparkle in our lives, we have to jump first. This leap might seem a little unnatural because just rolling along at our usual pace is comfortable and familiar.

I love to watch fearless women plan a jump, while they ponder the “what ifs” of their dreams and wishes. What have I read so many times online? When one woman is brave, it gives us all permission to be…even when the granter of permission might be ourselves.


My word for this year was release. So far it has been the most challenging word I’ve chosen for a new year’s focus. I actually have to remind myself out loud to let it go. When I want something (down-in-my-bones wanting it), I must do the work and then wait, grasping at the patience that so often eludes me. It’s not my plan and putting this on a sticky note on the mirror just doesn’t seem to be enough.

I’ve seen release be a struggle for many women I love. As a species, we’re planners, organizers, keepers of others’ dreams and aspirations…yet, we can also be complicated and restless. For me, the restlessness has been significant, but needs to be near a surface explosion to promote the jump required to sparkle. But this I know: when the dreams are consistent and grow like oak trees in the heart, they will not be ignored. It is possible to be who you’ve always wanted to be without changing who you’ve been for others.  Timing is overrated—sometimes you just have to jump and figure it out on the way down.


I’m a bystander in the patterns of my own behavior. It’s strange, but through journaling I see the cycles clearly. There is always a retreat. In my life it’s seasonal…September always brings big jumps, lots of plans and a ready-set-go kind of existence…Winter is a full on hiding out in my nest to ponder it all…spring is a reevaluation of the state of the union, and summer is an escape with those I love. Yet lately, I’ve made some specific decisions regarding retreat to quiet my mind enough to get clear. I have to tell you, a retreat from social media has done wonders for this girl…I am more relaxed and more present. Hallelujah!


Once I think I’ve “found me”, a new Look! Something shiny! will show up and throw a wrench in my plans. Sometimes it’s a happy wrench, but requires a reorganization of things nonetheless. The good news is, it’s never too late. I’m so thankful for that—all dreams don’t have to be grabbed in one sitting. For me, it’s been a trickle…each goal rising to the surface when I’m ready and willing to leap.

Ever wonder what is stopping you from grasping with both hands the authentic you inside? Especially if it’s a you that might be surprising to others…fearing resistance from your tribe can be an incredible roadblock. Just for fun, write down the three biggest, most important jumps that could help you sparkle….to sparkle so brilliantly that your light would shine to inspire others. Then list the top three obstacles that stand in the way of putting on the jumping shoes.

What’s the worst that could happen?

* * *

‘Hoping spring is beautiful and renewing wherever you are. The flowers are exploding here–even in the rain they bring thoughts of summer, my favorite.




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