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The Trust Test ~ Lark and Key Gallery 

Every time we walk out the door of our homes we must practice trust.

….that the other car will stop when the light turns red.

….that the food we eat won’t might harm us.

….that our children will be safe and taken care of in their school building.

….that my bicycling husband won’t be mowed down from behind by an impatient driver on a country road.

…that church on Sunday will be a place of peace and calm, free of violence and hate.

…that going to a blockbuster movie with the family is simply a fun outing and life will go on as usual two hours later.

…that sporting events are displays of fun, sportsmanship and unity.

…that mall shopping will be just another holiday experience.

…that iconic, legendary events will remain a source of pride in our history.

…that fear won’t rule the day at someone else’s hand.

We must not let it.

We must also trust in the good to come, the renewed awareness that deepens with each tragedy and the power of God’s love that still surrounds all of us every minute of every day. Holding tighter to our tribes, whether it’s hiding out away from it all, or boldly protecting the “business as usual no matter the threat” is the remedy for an aching heart.

Holding tighter, for me, means recognizing the power of this very moment and that I must grab onto it with both hands and pull it in tight…not unlike my family’s arms when I’m afraid about the unknown. I will continue to let trust rule the day, knowing that it can change shape with the passing of years and once unthinkable acts…but it lives on nonetheless.

Thinking of you all. Grateful for you.



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