“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”  (K.T. Jong)

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All retreats will not resume until summer of ’14. 


This is a very small, intimate group  and we will be delving into the technical and art part of making pictures. You will need an SLR camera and a laptop for this class. If you wanted to go the “Ignite the Heart” retreat, but weren’t able to go this year, this is your chance to take the photography part of the course without having to go away overnight. Photoshop, studio lighting and marketing a possible photography business is covered on the second day. This class is held in Camas, WA (20 minutes from Portland, OR).

YOU DO HAVE AN OPTION TO DO DAY ONE ONLYno Photoshop or studio lighting…just your camera and hands-on better picture-making tutorials. Cost: $99 (lunch provided)

Cost for two day class: $225 (lunch is provided both days)

“Ignite: Just Photography” testimonials:

Lara, I cannot stop talking about your class. My husband is at the point where he just walks away when I begin talking about it. I wished I had known about you 5 years ago! It would have saved me some pretty embarassing photo moments! Looking back, my photography classes in college didn’t prepare me nearly as well as you did in just two short days. I’ve done a lot of self-teaching, but the small tips and tricks that you shared with us and all of your wisdom from years of shooting (I mean photographing) people is truly a blessing to have! I feel re-energized and excited to photograph again and now want to push myself to try new things and access that creative side of me that used to dream of these beautiful photo shoots that I would set up. I’ve gotten wrapped up in doing the all too common shots that just make me cringe as I’m shooting them…I am no longer afraid to make suggestions to a senior or a family of an idea that I have swimming in my head for a shoot. Your class was amazing! Keep up the inspiring work that you do! I will definitely be attending your photography business class! :)

The class was excellent. You have such a nice way of balancing the technical aspects of photography (from mechanics and gear to lighting) and the applied aspects. Spending the first morning on the basics of the camera and lighting and then immediately practicing with real clients was excellent. There’s really no better way to learn than to apply what you learn in such close proximity. It was great to have the experience to shoot both in a protected setting as well as out in the open. That really helped me to understand natural lighting a bit more. The second day was also great. It was so fun to watch you manipulate light and props in the studio, and also see you demonstrate some of the basics of photoshop. I am amazed at how much you fit into 2 days, but also feel like it was the perfect amount. I left with the immediate ability to take better pictures (which is so fun and reinforcing), and also with the hunger to learn more. I believe that balance is what makes a great teacher. And baby, you have it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Lara is great at taking the fear out of the learning curve.  She made the mystery of F-stops and Shutter speeds simple. Lara shared her knowledge of know how by providing us with tips, how to’s, and inspiration.  She was eager to share whatever she could to satisfy our questions.  Lighting, posing, props to composition and computer workshop help us to see what is possible.  I would highly recommend this workshop class for anyone who desires to know more about photography and their camera.  Lara makes learning fun!

I thought the class was wonderful!!  I learned a lot and actually think I’ll remember it all :)  To me the class size was perfect  because it gave you enough time with everyone. You touched on everyone’s reasons for taking the class and gave a great overview of photography as a business or otherwise. Loved it!

I wanted to let you know that I had such a wonderful time learning from you. You are such a fabulous teacher and it was such a privilege to attend your class. I am so glad that you covered so many topics in the 2 day workshop – from metering to posing to studio lighting to post production and even marketing! I feel this workshop is an excellent introduction to someone wanting to be a professional photographer. And I so happy that I was a part of it.

Recently I took a photography class from Lara Blair. I have owned my Canon Rebel xsi for a few years and had been feeling frustrated by my lack of skill behind the lens! The class was amazing. Lara was able to harness her vast knowledge into a user friendly format that a novice like me could understand. She took us through the technical aspects of our cameras. Showed us real life examples in her photography. Then had us try our new found knowledge. We did this by taking photos indoors with natural light, outdoors, and in a studio setting using the garage as an instant studio. She even had models come out for us to shoot. As a blogger this class is essential. Just this morning I was taking pics with my new found skills. Rooms that used to give me problems with lighting are no longer problems at all. It’s just a matter of knowing how to use the camera. Terms like iso, f-stop and shutter speed actually make sense! After taking Lara’s class I am more confident behind the lens. Knowledge really is power!

I took a photography class from Lara and the experience made me considerably more confident and knowledgable using my Canon Rebel. The class size was perfect, enabling each of us to ask LOTS of questions. We covered numerous aspects of photography including F-stop, ISO, shutter speed, lighting to marketing and sales tips. Lara is a fantastic instructor and her knowledge and enthusiasm for what she loves is contagious! :)

I just finished Lara’s photography workshop and I am SO happy I took it! So far I have been a self taught photographer but that can only take you so far. At Lara’s class it opened up my eyes to what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. It helped me put the pieces together to get great exposure for my pictures! I can now shoot in Manual, which was scary to me before. I got a chance to try out what I learned in this class last weekend with fantastic results. I did both days and would recommend both! Thanks Lara for equipping me with the tools I need to move forward.

Lara makes understanding the basics of photography “click.” I had been struggling with ISO, aperture and shutter speed and their relation to one another, but Lara explained it in a way that was simple and easy to remember. And it was nice to have the opportunity to actually go outside and do some hands-on learning with Lara and the entire group. She covered everything from technical elements of photography to the business side to editing. This was a really great class! I really didn’t want it to end.

Lara’s photography class was such a nice relaxed setting and I really learned some easy steps to remember to make my picture taking skills so much better just after one day.  The small group size made it easy to ask questions and work together.  I highly recommend Lara’s class, she has so much industry knowledge and personal skills!

Thank you VERY much for an amazing day!!!!!  Your photography class was extremely educational and so much fun.  I am no longer afraid to use the manual mode on my camera.  You gave out so many fabulous tricks and tips.  It was very nice of you to share all your fabulous secrets, I feel so lucky.  It was such a wonderful group of people that were in your class as well.  I seriously had the best day.  I can not stop telling my husband all the things I learned.  I played around with my camera a lot tonight with my 9 month and 3 year old but the lighting was really bad.  Cannot wait to try it out with good lighting.

I also wanted to say that I loved your classes. It feels so good to walk away from the workshop feeling positive & not deflated. You are such a kind & sweet person Lara! It was a pleasure to meet you especially after being a MPG follower for the past couple years. I look forward to future classes/workshops with you.  I have some new things in mind, a different outlook on the way I do business, a long time project idea reignited that I can not wait to get started on and I am gushing with some creative vibes!

Thanks again Lara! That was great :) It’s been inspiring for sure.  A+ from your first male student. 


Priority Health ~  19215 SE 34 Street Suite 102. Camas, WA 98607

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Priority Health

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  1. So very interested in your classes- please let me know of the next coming up- thank you much~connie

  2. Alisha Fahey says:

    Very interested in taking class but will you accept online classes? Because I live in Anchorage, AK. I practice pet photography.

  3. larablair says:

    Hi, Alisha! I went back to teaching (3rd grade and loving it) and don’t give classes very often anymore. I’m thinking about offering one that’s local in the summer. I live just outside Portland, OR. Online won’t be happening due to the time commitment at school. Sorry. I wish you the best in the new year! Lara

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