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Funny how my world is getting larger, but my head still swirls with dreams of simple living. There’s obviously something very, very appealing about it because I made a mental note to myself that it was lovely to to have everything at arm’s reach when we were camping in the Twinkie. I’ve followed this blog and her transformation into tiny living, and I’ve become a huge fan of this guy, who’s making quite a name for himself in the minimalist community. For now, I’m content to begin the pare down plan with baby steps and enjoy lurking on folks who have taken big steps to making life easier. Especially the tiny house…the whole thing is fascinating to me.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

This type is what your see most when you Google “tiny houses”:


Via Frimmbits. 

But this one below is more my speed, I think. Love those modern lines!


From TinyHouseBlog

This is the perfect teeny tiny house. Just open enough to not feel small.

I think big windows are the key too:



















Love the idea of a sleeping loft:



















Love looking at dream kits for modern house on this site. This is, by far, my fave site to dream small. The idea of pre-fab is fab and I think it would be amazing out on the High Desert in my favorite place, Bend.












The most lovely thought, of course, is the teeny tiny beach bungalow. Ahhhh….so lovely.


StudioMama’s, above, is precious.

Seaside, Florida is the ultimate in beach beauty…the fence makes it.
















The front of this house above takes my breath away. Take the tour-–just too cute.



In the interest of simplifying and making a space smaller, I love this story about a Portland family who moved to beautiful Sauvie Island. You’ve probably seen their house on Pinterest—it’s so sweet.

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Some articles that made me think (and turn in the direction of rational minimalism):

~ This Australian lovely gets it.

~ She also waxes poetic about the internet and what it’s doing to our perception of our what perfection is.

~ Asking myself why I covered a thousand books in cream butcher paper after reading this post. 

~ I love this podcast on simplifying…the couple is so sweet and have such great ideas.

‘Wondering what your thoughts are on paring down and powering up…

Happy few weeks of summer, Lovelies~


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4 Responses to Simply Dreamy

  1. Aubrey says:

    Thank you for the links to those blogs. I love this tiny house movement and not just the ‘tiny houses’ themselves but the movement in general to live in less space. Currently my husband and I are selling all of our stuff but some basics. Our plan is to buy an RV, convert it to off-the-grid (with some solar panels and whatnot) and live in it full-time. We desperately want to live in less space. We have only ever lived in apartments in our adult lives and we are living in a good sized one now but the extra space is weirdly making me feel claustrophobic. We have even cleared out so much that our second bedroom is completely empty. Now we just run around in it with the cats. So we are excited to just move our lives into something so much smaller.

  2. larablair says:

    Good for you, Aubrey! That is a very exciting plan you have…always wondered what it would be like to live off the grid. I think your empty room for running with the cats (instead of wolves, love it!) is your best sign that it’s time to downsize drastically. I will be interested in hearing about your journey. Best to you-Lara

  3. Dan Hayes says:

    Hi Lara!

    Thanks so much for mentioning our show in this post! I see those tiny houses and it really gets my wheels spinning…but I don’t think my wife Vanessa is quite there. Yet… (insert evil villain “moo hoo hoo ha ha ha” laugh here).

    You really do have such a beautiful blog, you know!

    Take care!

    – Dan

  4. larablair says:

    Hey, Dan! How nice to hear from you. I love taking you and Vanessa along with me on my runs. I’ve caught up on almost all of your podcasts. Keep preaching that message! (and thanks for your kind words…the blog has evolved a lot over the years).

    Best to you and your family~

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