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A gem of all gems when it comes to coastal towns…The Oregon Coast holds lots of summer memories for our family. These towns can be very rainy and cold during the rest of the year, but in the summer the stars align and it’s the perfect climate. However, we’ve had more than one 4th parade dressed in fleece and long pants, but we got so lucky on Wednesday with gorgeous sunshine and warmth on our shoulders. Even Daisy, our Wonder Beagle enjoyed the rays out there.

We always stop in Cannon Beach first to do our annual “run down the hill thing” and “images of the surf thing”. Cannon Beach is busier and more bustling than our final destination Manzanita, where my dad and bonus-mom live in a charming beach bungalow. It has the coolest little shops and restaurants and still seems like a well-kept secret on the coast.

Manzanita is home of one┬áthe best little 4th of July parades ever—we even recognize a ton of floats from the 13 years we’ve been coming to this charming hamlet for the holiday.



























My girls (fourth image down) really got into this year complete with homemade capes. I am loving this age! Old enough to think outside the box and be silly—young enough not to care what others think. I wish I could hold onto this stage longer than I’m allowed to.

I hope your 4th was a wonderful day with your family, lovelies!

Some of you are experiencing some serious heat…we’re having our own mini heat wave (over 80 for 4 straight days–woo-hoo! Wonders never cease).

Happy weekend~


p.s. My post on “being a scooped up mess” on the other blog seems to be hitting a nerve…check it out if you also sometimes feel like a jagged little pebble.

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  1. pam says:

    Looks absolutely lovely. Your girls crack me up, they are so cute. It is great to see a few teens with Self Confidence! You go girlies! Your mom has taught you well. You have to be able to laugh in and at life! Glad you had a great fourth!

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