Special photo shoot


I had a Day in the Life session for a man and his dog on his family’s “compound” awhile back. I have captured this dog, Bix, for over five years now and find him to be one of my favorite furry muses. The family compound is in the Columbia Gorge, which is absolutely spectacular. I recommend visiting sometime…you just can’t wrap your brain around how it came to be (kinda like the Grand Canyon…with water).

We ended up taking a small boat (Bix has a life jacket, of course) to a little sand bar in the middle of the Columbia river to let him run wild. What a gorgeous day it was—fond memories.



This is the view from the family clubhouse. Amazing, right? I love adirondack chairs any way I can ¬†get ’em.


On the grounds there were beautiful flowers and trees…as well as a family graveyard (!). Needless to say, this land has been in this family since the 20’s. I’ve never seen anything like it. It reminded me of a Northwest version of the Kennedy’s.


Yes, that would be a long bridge that takes you down to the boathouse. The bridge is picked up by barge in the fall and floated down the river. It’s stored in Portland so it doesn’t blow over in the heavy Gorge winds in the winter.


I love Bix’s ears flapping in the wind—he is truly in his element. This sums up that day for me in a nutshell.


I enjoyed the photo Opps as Bix’s dad gave me a tour of the whole shootin’ match. Holy smokes, such cool stuff! It was the end of summer and there were “memories of summers past” floating around the property.



It’s a large extended family who uses this land in the summer—check out the plethora ‘o towels. Wow.


Super fun to see how the other 1% lives. Beautifully, I might add.

* * *

Either you’re finishing up spring break or heading into it, I’m guessing. We begin ours at exactly 2:45 today. Yippee!!!

Spring hugs to you all~


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  1. Elaine says:

    wow. gorgeous place and great photo shoot!

  2. Oh my goodness. I have been itching to get back up to the PNW for sometime now. This makes me want to go even more! I forget how beautiful that part of the country is. And your amazing photography just makes it that much more ah-mazingly beautiful!!!

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