Summer of healing

Funny thing…

…when I’m trying to “work through” something in my head I seem to venture down the self portrait road…

…this time they were compliments of ma mere’ who was here this week. It’s almost like I want to see what conclusions I’m coming to in my own expression..something I just can’t seem to grasp by looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth.

For me, it’s in the brows…are there a couple of lines in between? Are those lines deep? Is my mouth relaxed?

It’s been awhile since I’ve dug deep, lovelies..






..seems to go in cycles doesn’t it? Like some kind of projectile blogosphere purging hoping that my thoughts and feelings won’t be seen as random or chaotic, and that just maybe, there’s another soul out there who feels it too.

It was a rough winter and spring for this MPG (yeah…I know..big surprise—how many post mentions were there about the horrid weather? ha!). I wasn’t sure if it was S.A.D (why do acronyms always work out?)….wasn’t sure if it was hormonal…just knew something was off.

Really off.

I’m still capable of going about all my creative projects and daily rituals when I’m down, but I finally got to the point where I did some research because I was getting a little worried. I decided to give Sam-E a try on a recommendation from a trusted’s a natural supplement and so far, so good. I am feeling more like myself and my energy level is back. Totally not sure if it’s just the fact that the sun is finally shining on us now or if it’s the Sam-E..guess we’ll find out when the slop sets in again in the fall!

What I can tell you is that working alone (as in heaping amounts of editing and business related tasks) a lot is not such a fabulous thing when you’re feeling off.

Especially when it’s raining and gray outside.

So, I’ve made some changes, which I’m loving. Doing more vintage hunting/gathering on Fridays and stocking my booth at Camas Antiques. I’ve always loved the folks down there and I feel happy when I’m surrounded by such wonderful things and cheerful conversation. I’m so glad I added this to my life–it’s also a fun way for ma mere’ and me to work on projects together for our vintage endeavors.

Teaching retreats and photography classes has been an unsuspected joy-bringer. LOVE IT. ‘Really do. I always knew that my Masters in Teaching wouldn’t waste away just because I left education. Seeing the “a-ha” first-hand is one of life’s great pleasures.

The third thing that has been a constant source of joy and never gets enough attention around here is making mixed media art with my images. I have a collection in the making right now (it will show in November in Camas) and that, of all things, puts me in such a happy place that I can feel it in my bones. I often wonder why does this constantly take a back-seat? Why do I treat it like it’s a special thing that I only get to do when there are snippets of time that pop up?

Need to change that and honor the muse. She doesn’t like getting the leftovers.

Sometimes the shadows..especially in the middle of a long, dark spring… can seem a big longer than usual.

We just need to be reminded that when the sun crests over that hill, there will be more light than shadow..Through praying and surrounding myself with amazing creative women, I have found that light.

..and there are times when we need to give the cresting sun a push. My push came in the form of a book I’ve found that speaks to my heart like no other.

Many of you know of Liz Lamoreux’s work and blog. I am thrilled to be working through her book Inner Excavation right now~

…it’s the perfect combo of what I’m interested in and as usual, it happily fell into my lap through a friend.

‘Really love it when God does that.

So glad to be living this creative life that is forever evolving…so grateful to have this little blog space to give meaning to the stirrings that can be hard for a sensitive heart to sort through. I know that women out there struggle with the same things that I do and I do find comfort in the fact that we can look to another to see what they’ve done to make the shadows shorter and the path ahead brighter.

I hope your days include time for self-reflection and quiet…summer is such a lovely time for that.


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