Summer yard additions

Hello, Lovelies!

I’ve been working on the our little sanctuary behind our house. The huge evergreen trees back there provide such a lovely spot to sit and cool off in the summer. Some pluses about NW summers: zero humidity and few mosquitoes. I was also looking to create a table where we could linger with friends over summer meals…it all started with this little guy from World Market:














Compared to the Sundance catalog (where I first feel in chair love), these were a huge bargain and I used a coupon….awesome-sauce.

I expanded the seating quest and looked for a table that could literally weather the storm. The World Market tables did not get good reviews, so I ended up going with one from Tar-jay. It was an “online only” deal and came quickly and was easy to put together. Love you, Tar-jay Boutique.










Oh, Happy Day in my yard!


My Mother’s Day present from 2008 is in the background behind the table.


We’re finally getting salad fixings! I love eating from the garden…makes me feel so Portlandia.

The lounging area was the project of the summer of 2009 and I still love the bright colors.


I’m maintaining my zest for all things cheerful and bright. I don’t know about you, but I find myself annoying when I go hog-wild with a décor theme or color and then veer in a different direction. So far so good…I even got these happy versions of the stacking chair to go on my wrap around porch.














Can a person have a yellow period like Picasso and his blue fixation? If so, I’m in the middle of one, for sure. I’m working on a project for the porch that’s got PH’s panties in a wad…it involves hanging Missoni patterned (black and white) curtains from every post. His sideways look worried me for a minute, and then he said the magic words, “Yeah…I’ll help you hang them.” Love that man!

All things summer are finally heading our way and I am one happy camper. Sylvia, the ’73 Airstream, is almost done (can’t wait to show you!). We’ve got some serious adventuring in the next two months before my new career begins with full force. I plan on sliding into home in late August with dirt all over clothes and big popsicle stained mouth. Until then, I will sit here with family and friends and take in the sweetness.


How ’bout you, Lovelies? Any family trips getting you excited? What’s on your summer horizon?




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3 Responses to Summer yard additions

  1. Holly says:

    Beautiful! I’d love to come hang out in the backyard! Holly

  2. krista says:

    I do believe theirs a cup of morning coffee or an evening mojito with my name on it….
    i’m also in my ‘yellow’ period~

  3. Mikal says:

    Nothing better than friends and family around the table! I hope you have plenty of those kinds of days this summer!!

    We just sat down last night and made our summer “to-do” list. I can’t wait. Wishing I could be off and just be mom the next few months, but that’s not happening so I’ll be making weekend magic as much as I can! :)

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