I offer these workshops upon request. Drop me an email if you and a group are interested: superheroteachertoolkit@gmail.com


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  1. Allison says:

    Hi Lara,
    I’m interested in knowing if you have a retreat coming up this year. I live in Sonora, Texas and can tell you live somewhere in the West, maybe more north than I do.

    A friend and I have been looking to expand our photography knowledge and were hoping you could help us with that.

    Thank you,

  2. Laura, unbeknownst to you, you have become my mentor in working towards mastering high key studio photography (dogs). I purchased and have studied your book “Photographing Dogs” for the past year and am still not satisfied with my shots. I’ve replicated your studio setup but continue to get inconsistant shots. I am just mesmerized by your images in your book and it is my dream to be able to create such amazing images. Do you offer any type of mentoring through email or workshops specific to your dog photography? I’m able to capture some great poses but just can’t seem to nail my lighting. My set up is identical to yours however continue to have lighting/exposure issues. My shots that work seem to come by luck not skill. Thanks so much for your time and again your book has been my inspiration to pursue dog photography in a studio setting. You are amazing!

  3. larablair says:

    Hi, Patricia! Do you use a Hi-Lite? It’s the product I mention in the book to get high key shots. There are some awesome videos on-line that demonstrate the use of this product–Google Hi-Lite or Lastolite. Unfortunately, I don’t mentor anymore due to time constraints. I went back to elementary school teaching and am buried, but loving it. I was a bit burned out on the photography industry and am so happy to be back in education. I’m also writing a novel right now that desperate to be finished, so I’ve decided not to do my classes in the summer—time is precious! I so appreciate your kind words! Thank you. I hope things go well with your business. All the best-Lara

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