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I continue to enjoy dreaming about simple structures to live in some day. It’s not that I don’t love my home (because I love it very much), but I’m foreseeing a down-sizing when our kids are out of the house. It’s fun to fantasize.

Sunset magazine does it again.


































































I love, love, love this house. The husband in the Texas couple who built it said he wanted a house he could clean with a leaf blower (!). I was smitten. It’s perfect in every way and if I could build it tomorrow, I would.

* * *

I love this video about a couple who created their dream home when they were ready to retire:


Teaching my 3rd graders is kicking my arse…in a good way. SO MUCH TO PREPARE for them and I fall asleep on the couch every night. PH found my cell phone in between the cushions the other day. ‘Never would have found it. Unfortunately, when the stress/workload level is amped up, my flighty-ness increases as well. Not a good combo.

I will say this: I am incredibly happy with my decision to go back to teaching.

Even on my hardest day, I know that I made a difference. And that, dear lovelies, is the best way I could use my life…of this, I’m sure.

I’m itching to get two seconds to write down my feelings and thoughts on this amazing journey…it might be when I can take a breath…but I think it’s important to document this transition and what it feels like.

Happy week–hope all is well with you as we venture into the fall~


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4 Responses to The perfect house

  1. Christine Neill says:

    Lara said:
    “Even on my hardest day, I know that I made a difference. And that, dear lovelies, is the best way I could use my life…of this, I’m sure.”

    This is fuel… I love this and it is the reason I keep going on my hard days. A life of purpose and me in one journey.

    Super job Lara and as Dory says in Finding Nemo… “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”


  2. Laura says:

    So good to see your post. I’ve been wondering how your new teaching adventure is going but knew you had to be swamped as you navigate the new schedule and juggling new things. Thanks for letting us know that you’re alive and thriving.

  3. larablair says:

    Hey, Laura! Yes…I’m still breathing (barely!) and trying to get a routine nailed down. It’s such a rewarding job, but also so incredibly exhausting. I forgot how many hats you wear. Thanks for following my journey :)

  4. larablair says:

    It’s been so fun to see you bloom into the life you were meant for, Christine. It is inspiring and exciting! Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will do with this new career. oxo L

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