The Waiting Game & an Artist Crush



It’s been a long week of waiting…that’s the understatement of the year for moi at  the current moment. I am not very good at it, I’m afraid. News did come yesterday in a form that was unexpected. The panel hasn’t made a decision yet on the 3rd grade position. I made the final cut and a handful of us will be teaching a lesson of our choosing to a live class at the school we’re applying for. The wind left my sails for just a moment, and then I got down to business of researching what I wanted to teach and how I could bring excitement to it….voila’! I’m ready and excited. D-Day is May 10th (yay! more waiting!) and then I will know what is next. The fact that the applicant list started at 135 makes me feel better.

I can do this!

Thank friends, for checking on me and sending your love. As always, it’s appreciated. Mwah!


One of my very favorite artists has moved to Portland. I have all of her books (read them repeatedly) and get lost in her creations of photography, paint and collage. Luckily, Sabrina Ward Harrison is having her first solo show in the Pearl district in Portland for First Thursday this week. I have an insane day today right up until 8 pm, but I wouldn’t miss a chance to see her standing next to her brilliant work.










Looks like her website is under construction, but she is blogging at Papaya, who licenses her work.

































Tufenkian Artisan Carpets Portland

515 NW 10th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97209
Thursday, May 2nd from 5-8pm

* * *

She’s a risk-taker, this girl. The ultimate in Brave Girl status….we should all be so present of the environment around us.


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2 Responses to The Waiting Game & an Artist Crush

  1. Kim Brody says:

    Congratulations on being selected to teach a lesson and show them “YOU!” That’s what it is about, Lara…share your love of learning, share your love of giving, share your heart in that lesson. Sending prayers your way!

  2. Pam says:

    Love Sabrina! Keeping fingers crossed for your job-you’ll be one of the best teachers ever!

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