The white thing..with a colorful twist

Image via Twig Hutchinson

Now, friends…I have been known to be drawn to clean, white, crisp palettes of rooms in cyberspace…there are many that I enjoy looking at, and a sweet calm washes over me like a sprayed mist of evian water when I peruse these restful images.


I realize that I am drawn naturally to color—sometimes even bright reds (gasp!)—and I am trying to find a way to join these two ideas in holy matrimonial bliss.

Hmmm….how does one do this?

These designers seem to get the idea…

still a bit white on white, but add some colorful throw and fun pillows and you are good to go.



From vintage “Domino” magazine~


What a wonderful way to display kids’ artwork.

of course, via the fab Novogratz’s, this shrunken kid-art masterpiece.

Posted before from Living, etc., but I just love the simple use of color in this room.

Another from Living, etc that is a classic…check out that pink deer head! ha! Love the rug colors drawing your eyes down.

The ever-astute Material Girls listed these little bad boys for your all white room…very affordable.

The Graham Collection from Z Gallery


Every once in awhile I come across a “kindred spirit” blogger who just resonates with my personal style. That “look something shiny!” for her seems to be the same as my own shiny baubles that stand out. Mine to date is Shannon Fricke



love .



Through her comment on a post of mine, I entered her world and was drawn in to the white/color world—really nicely done.

Her books (which are quite spendy for us non-Aussies) look incredible. I just want to hole up and spend the day with both of them.

found here.

found here.

Something typical to be found on her blog…

cute, huh?


Halleluja, lovelies! has opened up Domino’s archives on its site! FABULOUS! Thank you, thank you dear friends.

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6 Responses to The white thing..with a colorful twist

  1. Kath says:

    Love the concept….not too many pure white decorators here in the NE, but the pop of color, now that may work! xo

  2. Kath says:

    me again, love the idea of the shrunken masterpiece by the kids…couldn’t find anything on it… you have more details?!

  3. Color makes the world go round!!! I’m with ya, sister.

  4. Very impressive! I love the way the colors are used! I especially love the way the photos are shot and arranged.

  5. LLH Designs says:

    I’m a clean white space girl (esp. in my cards and stationery), but without a little color, clean, white space isn’t interesting. I always surprise myself with how much fun it is to play with color (have blogged about it a time or two).

    I love that first photo with all the paint cans. Oooh…I see some colors I love!

    Have fun!

  6. Leigha says:

    Hi Lara. What a post full of delicious ideas! Found you via Linsey (of LLH Designs). And low-and-behold the massive world of blogs has led me to a kindred spirit in our tiny town. I, too, am in Camas, WA (recently transplanted). Maybe the world isn’t so big after all.
    I am off to explore your blog…

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