This Modern Prairie Girl is INSPIRED

Good Monday-hopefully-you’re-off morning to you, lovelies…

I was just sitting here laughing about how much I notice things these days. I’m not sure if it’s the blogging thing or just getting deeper into a creative life in general, but it seems that the “Look! Something shiny’s” are everywhere. Yes, I am easily distracted, but part of the fun is having an appreciation for the inspiring creativity around me. I thougth I’d share some of these things that popped up recently.

I’m obsessed with…


Ever heard of it? (maybe I’m late to the party on this one) Yikes, it’s a time waster, but oh-so-fun. You actually have to be invited to join…still waiting on my invite 😉 Having one spot to store all of your “Look! Something shiny’s”…what a dream. 

Where else do you find things like this?

via Marked Etsy shop.


Anthro…the beloved…..they make videos..what?


Adele Enersen, from Finland, has a very cool mom-inspired past time

Check out the rest here.


Wanna do a Polaroid wall like The 10 Cent Designer on Flickr.  So clever! Mine prints from my Fuji Instamatic are smaller, but I think it can be the same concept.


…and in the spirit that I am (drumroll for the behind-the-times-gal, please) FINALLY getting an Iphone, I also want one of these…

via. Free Land Studios on Etsy


…and last, but certainly not least, I am inspired on this morning at 0-dark hundred by my dear friend Melody Ross…amazing artist, co-creator of Brave Girl Camp and champion of all things authentic. She wrote a letter to all her creative peeps and it made me so grateful to know her. It is so well-said and a must-read for anyone who “holes up in a cave” when they are hatching a creative idea.

Her letter is here.

I hope your week is a wonderful one. I’d love to hear what inspires you right now. Do share some goodies!


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4 Responses to This Modern Prairie Girl is INSPIRED

  1. Oh my goodness….those baby photos are adorable. Love the sleeping baby…… I hope to someday graduate to an iphone but I haven’t been able to justify the expense…….someday :).



  2. jeanne says:

    I didn’t know that Anthro had commercials! Now I will have to watch ALL of them:-)

  3. kolleen says:

    music is a continuous source of inspiration for me….and believe it or not lately…it has been my dreams when i am sleeping!!!!

    anthro commercials…..say whaaaaaaa?!?! this i did not know!!!

    Mel’s letter totally inspired me too….i loved it. it spoke to me on so many levels.

    i miss you!
    big hugs

  4. Mikal says:

    You find the coolest treasures!

    Wasn’t Melody’s letter amazing… gave me the goosebumps! I never felt I was creative until Brave Girl’s Camp, and reading her words… it’s more than oil painting and drawing… I even feel like my gardens will be more of a creation than I normally put into them… what a wonderful journey we are on!

    Happy week to you!

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