This weekend’s 31 Portraits

Well…The King, my friend Amy and I all had our big day yesterday.  I decided to do a self-portrait in honor of my grand ‘ole 41 years (my back seems to be feeling the post-40 thing). I whipped out the whirly fan, my very heavy camera stand and got to it.

I think the reason the bird thing came to mind is I still feel like I’m taking flight with many things. The wing-building seems to be happening on the way down, yet it doesn’t seems to be freaking me, thankfully. I’m really enjoying the head part of post 40—you know, “this is what my heart yearns for, so why don’t I just do it” sentiments and not looking behind me or to the side anymore. It feels more natural to just to look straight forward and go, go, go to places I am excited to go.

(shot at F/16..shutter 125…large soft box on my left, no fill…birds placed in PS5  post production)

My new kicks from my sweet friend

It was a great day…ending with a trip to Anthro and a quick visit with my dad and bonus mom.

It was sunny and beautiful—never happens on this day in January! That’s a good sign for the year to come, don’t you think?


This was Jan. 7th’s image…Sainta Maria in her Magic Forest. I love those birch trees…we were trying to create a very “Twilight-ish” mood here.

Technical info: ISO 250..Nikon Speedlight fired with a remote on my right at f/4..shutter 1/ fill… 70-200 mm lens.

S.M’s child always knows how to pose for me…this expression isn’t even one I ask for–it just appears and it’s quite amazing.

The two daughters together is always a treat…Sainta Maria’s Irish twins are both so lovely.

For a little more drama, with this set-up I shot at f/5.6 and “dragged my shutter” (when you shoot manually, you can set your shutter speed to a faster release and create a darker background from your subject). I like imagery with a little drama..especially in the forest.

Hope you have a fabulous week, lovelies!

Don’t forget that my pal Jeanne’s class is starting tomorrow—you could get all signed up and ready to go today.


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4 Responses to This weekend’s 31 Portraits

  1. M says:

    What a fun day we had in the forest! I love the pic of you with your new kicks!!

  2. Tere says:

    love that you are sharing the technical details of the pictures. Helps me to “check” what I’m up to. Happy Birthday too, it looks like you had an amazing day with your loves. xoxo

  3. Pamela says:

    I am so glad that you had NICE WEATHER for your birthday! It has been gray here for what seems like 2 weeks now, and it is definitely a drag on the ol’ energy bus! Again, love the trees! Amazing texture. You are so great at self portraits, a lot harder than one would think in my opinion!

  4. Joy Gross says:

    I must tell you that you do not look anywhere near you age. :)

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