Tropical Therapy

Ahhhh….Now I can face the rain of spring. It was a wonderful week in paradise!

I started my novel on the beach…wrote for five straight hours on the plane as well. It’s gotten me excited to write again! I read once that Kristin Hannah, an author from the Northwest, writes all of her novels longhand before typing them. I’m thinking my system is write out long chunks with a pen, then transfer it to the laptop so I can move things around. Funniest thing…a bunch of the chapters are coming to me out of order. I will need to do a lot of cut and paste.

* * *

Is spring jumping out at you where you live, Lovelies? I was happy to buy strawberries yesterday for Sunday breakfast. The birds are making themselves known too as I sit here at in the early morning looking out the window into the darkness.

What’s your favorite change as we cross into the months of rebirth?

Have a great week!


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3 Responses to Tropical Therapy

  1. Pam says:

    I was thinking you must be in Hawaii! This is my time of year when I totally get beach fever! The sun is up earlier, the birds are awake and singing at 5:30! Even though we are supposed to have a killer snow storm by Wednesday, maybe I can just paint myself a nice beach? Glad you had such a productive and beautiful time!

  2. Kim Brody says:

    So glad you visited paradise…sounds like you were energized from the beauty!

  3. Mindy says:

    Maybe I need a little tropical therapy to get my writing juices flowing again! Beautiful pcs. Glad you had a great and productive time away.

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