Wash the town in Pink.

Here in our little town of Camas we’re hosting a big event on May 20th for ladies who want to “Party with a purpose”.  If you’re in the area please come by and support the breast cancer charities we’re championing at this event…Breast Friends and the Kearney Breast Care Center.

Yours truly will be taking fun portraits of girlfriends together posing in all kinds of interesting pink gear at this event. In the past year (sorry for the recap for those who know me) I completed a project called “Hope Stories”, which was a book of 37 survivors (most of them 5 years out from their cancer). We donated the books to the Kearney Center to give to newly diagnosed women. It is my proudest accomplishment to date and one of the most life-changing too—nothing makes you appreciate your health and life like interviewing these women and their experience with cancer.

Couple of my faves from the series:

This girlie is my favorite Breast cancer Warrior ever…

Uber-patient, Krista, gets her chemo as we sit and chat.

She is all business about making sure we get the word out about the GNO event. FB fan page and all…she never, ever seizes to amaze me…all the courage and bravery and grace you could ever see in one person dealing with a very difficult situation.  She chronicles this journey (and we all believe that this is a pit-stop along the way, because sister, this Cancer thing has nooooo idea who it’s dealing with) on her fab blog. If any of your have girlfriends or family dealing with breast cancer, this blog is incredibly inspiring…and honest…and real. She is all three even without cancer…why would she be anything less while fighting it?

I love this girl.


Random segue….Rach got a new friend to add to the brood this weekend….inspired by this little guy—-(and Sainta Maria’s daughters who got one first)

Her own money and all…

Meet Mr. Colby…as in “Colbie Callait”—didn’t have the heart to correct the spelling. It’s all her with this little guy.

In the words of Rhino (above)…”Can I use my baaaallll?”  That movie is a fave around here (obviously).

I was voting for Hammie, but got vetoed :)

I hope your weekend was lovely, lovelies….


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5 Responses to Wash the town in Pink.

  1. Great cause….and a cutie patootie pet!
    Have a sun shiny day!

  2. Holly says:

    Welcome Colbie!

    Baba & Grandma Holly

  3. Mikal says:

    I wished I lived closer… that event sounds like so much fun, and worth an awesome cause! Thank you for all your contributions!


  4. Kath says:

    So Hannah saw this and said we HAVE to go visit. She also thinks Rache looks like she’s 11…as for Katie…wow. SO very lovely and yes, we have to go visit!

    p.s. our prayers are with your friend.

  5. Erika says:

    Cant wait for May 20th! See you then! Congrats on Rachel’s new baby :) He’s pretty stinkin cute & i love the ball!!! :) :) :)

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