Ways to print your Iphone Pictures

I don’t know about you, but I am an iPhone picture-taking fool.

As in addicted…as in, it’s not enough to be in the moment, but I must capture the moment. Anyone with me?

So…I have heaps and gobs and piles of pictures taking up all sorts of real estate on my Mac…as well as on my phone (hello, slooooow). Friends, it’s time to print these little works of art.

Tools! We need tools!

My new fave concept:




















As the proud owner at age 12 of my own gen-U-ine Polaroid camera, I can honestly say it was my most favorite camera I’ve ever held in my hands. Still wondering what the heck happened to that thing. I love the idea of printing your iPhone images as polaroids on a handy dandy gadget such as this one. Join the dream-making in pledging a little to this awesome kick-starter project. I would be first in line to purchase this baby when it makes it out into the world. The Impossible Project is so inspiring—thinking about taking the plunge and getting one again for nostalgia’s (and art’s) sake.

I do capture my little moments with this little guy.












The prints are sweet for a bulletin board, but I’m craving the actual polaroid size.  This still doesn’t solve the “print my dad-gum iPhone pics already” issue.

Enter the Photo Cube…hmmm…very intriguing.














I love the idea of plugging in the ‘ole phone and Voila, 4×6 prints.

Yet, I am a fan of the square print. I think that’s why I’m so enamoured with Printstagram (they are so, so clever with their names—cheers to you, Instagram!)










They also have some uber-cool products like stickers and calendars…and of course, I’ve already mentioned this little guy that’s coming in the mail.
















I’m so excited! Silly, I know to be so jazzed about a phone case, but I will love seeing “my life in pictures” on my phone considering it’s always in eye-shot.

Hatchcraft is a very cool little company that takes your Instagram pics and puts a shadowbox around ’em. They come in 4″ or 7″ sizes. This would be fab for a massive wall with all of your favorite images as a huge fantabulous art display. I like huge fantabulous art displays…they make a statement and start the conversation with guests.









PostalPix is an app that can be used to print 4″ prints from your Instagram account. Nifty.











So there you have it, lovelies who *heart* iphone image-making.

Print those babies up!!!

Happy no-more-campaign-ads-take-down-those-political-signs-the-phone-is-quiet week~



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3 Responses to Ways to print your Iphone Pictures

  1. Pam says:

    I love the idea of the square prints too. We have so many of those shaped prints from the 70’s it is fun to see them that way again. I gave my sister as a wedding shower gift the printing of her first year of marriage from her Instagram prints. Plan on using Prinstagram for it. I gave her a list of 4 things to photograph every month starting on the day after her wedding, and I plan on using it to print a booklet from my Italy photos! You pulled out some of the very best for this post!

  2. Maggie says:

    Great post! That photo cube looks awesome.. might need to check that out! Have you heard of Bumblejax? They’re another company that does some pretty unique stuff with iphone photos. They can mount photos on acrylic, bamboo, aluminum or gator board. They’re on the more expensive side, but totally worth it for the quality– something Instagram addicts like us might appreciate 😉


  3. Lena says:

    love taking pics and printing them out but i use the print n share app
    glad to see that i am not the only one that loves pics
    totally addicted to instagram at the moment and your post has given me a few ideas to thanks! :)

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