What Instagram tells about you

Asking yourself this question every six months or so…

Where am I?







Are the things that matter most to making up the majority of my time?

Am I connecting with my family?

Am I taking care of my body?

Am I complaining a lot or am I loving what I’m doing?

Do I spend time with people do I leave wanting more time with them? Or do they make my heart heavy?

* * *

The reason why I love Instagram so much is that I slow down enough to capture what matters to me. As an artist, I snap images of my “Look! Somthing shiny! things”…especially with each season.

Funny…I look at my photo stream and see what matters to me. Sometimes it’s helpful to go back through these images when I ask myself the “Where am I?” question.

It is there that my attention flows…and it’s usually the little things.


What’s interesting to me is that the little things are rarely little.

How about you?

Do you ever look at the your images you capture here and there and see what is magical for you throughout your days?

* * *

I’m hoping that your having a wonderful fall and enjoying all that this favorite season has to offer. Thinking of you, lovelies!


P.S.  If you’d like to follow me on Instagram my username is ModernPrairieGirl.



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2 Responses to What Instagram tells about you

  1. photographing causes me to “enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart.”

    your photos are lovely.

  2. Beth West says:

    I love your photography. If I lived anywhere close, I would have to take a work shop! I wondered if you had some thoughts on the best online space to store photos. Are Flkr, Pinterest and Instagram all the same sort of service? As a painter, I use photos as references for my paintings and I would love a way to safely store and organize them online. Thanks for any advice you have and have a wonderful day!

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