What is a Modern Prairie Girl anyway? Re-post/blast from the past

I wrote this post June 8, 2009. ‘Thought it might be fun for those of you just joining us (a lot of you–thank you, Where Women Create!) to see the beginnings of MPG-Land. I’m taking a little blog hiatus on Wednesday and Friday…lots of fun adventure stuff to share when I return.


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Couldn’t resist…it’s my fave MPG image from Country Living.

Several things come to mind…

The Modern half











-She is responsible for making her dreams come true through hard work.

-She learns to balance her work life with her home life and still have quiet time to herself to plan and create.

-She is environmentally conscious and is aware of impact on the world.

-She makes every attempt at being organized and holds herself accountable through a female mentor.

-She is a forward thinker in pursuit of good design and what it can add to the home and its climate.

-She does her homework regarding what women are creating through business and art.

-She embraces technology and what it can do to make a positive influence in her life.

-She uses old materials to create something new and exciting…rustic chic adventure.

The Prairie Girl Part


















Via Skona Hem

-She takes time to sit in a hammock with a good read and some suntea.

-She embraces the “wild woman” within her that can be the creator of all things fabulous.

-She wakes up each day with gusto and enthusiasm…even when she isn’t feelin’ it.

-She turns off her phone and “crack”berry when she goes out for a nature walk-about with her children.

-She experiments with her wardrobe and isn’t afraid of what others might think.

-She cooks for cooking’s sake and learns to enjoy the act of serving others in her home.

-She believes fresh flowers and burning candles make her day brighter.

-She feels girlfriend time is best spent getting to the heart of things in tandem with doing something fun and silly.

-She stops at lemonade stands, garage sales and barn parties because they might yield something wonderful…

It  can be challenging to balance the two and there are times I fail miserably in the “letting-my-hair-down-turning-my-phone-off-frolicking-in the woods” department…but there’s always tomorrow and I rejoice that I always get a fresh start with each day. I think what appeals to me most is the gratitude side of things with the prairie persona…taking the time to really look at what you’ve got and taking it all in through each of the six senses. The MPG kidlet inside remembers when these things were all that mattered…my own kidlets remind me each day that they are there always…waiting for me to come and play…but the modern side reminds me that good design and organization can make it even more fabulous!

In short~

Living Life to the Fullest.

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  1. Love this post! Your writing is great. I like to think that I am a modern prairie girl too. Hugs.

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