Winter Photography Class



It’s class time! I’ll be hosting the first day at my home in the Magic Forest where you will learn all things technical to (artistic too…posing, working with kids, lighting, etc) to taking great images with a DSLR. I promise that I will teach this info in a way that even the most nontechnical person will understand. We will do a mock-up shoot with models on Day One.

The second day will be in my studio. This is all about Photoshop techniques, indoor lighting and more photography business know-how. A yummy lunch is provided on both days.

If you will be flying in for this class, please email me and I will give  you all the details for where to stay. Portland, Oregon airport is just over the river 25 minutes from my studio. I can arrange a pick-up.

The class is $225 for both days and $99 if you’re just taking Day One. If you’ve taken the class before and want a refresher (sometimes folks forget to pick up their camera for months after they’ve taken the class), the rate is $65 for Day One. Day Two only has room for five people—these spots go quickly, so if you’d like to take both days, contact me ASAP.

This would be a perfect gift from family member! Maybe slide him/her a MPG blog hint. 

I received this letter from a class participant:

I cannot stop talking about your class. My husband is at the point where he just walks away when I begin talking about it. I wished I had known about you 5 years ago! It would have saved me some pretty embarassing photo moments! Looking back, my photography classes in college didn’t prepare me nearly as well as you did in just two short days. I’ve done a lot of self-teaching, but the small tips and tricks that you shared with us and all of your wisdom from years of shooting (I mean photographing) people is truly a blessing to have! I feel re-energized and excited to photograph again and now want to push myself to try new things and access that creative side of me that used to dream of these beautiful photo shoots that I would set up. I’ve gotten wrapped up in doing the all too common shots that just make me cringe as I’m shooting them…I am no longer afraid to make suggestions to a senior or a family of an idea that I have swimming in my head for a shoot. Your class was amazing! Keep up the inspiring work that you do! I will definitely be attending your photography business class! :)


I was very excited to have two incredible artists share my book on their blogs yesterday.


Susan Tuttle is a photographer I’ve blogged about many times. She’s an amazing author of three books that I carry around with me. She is also wonderful about supporting other photographers.

Jeanne Oliver, a dear friend, caused me to bawl like an infant last night when I read her post. It means a lot coming from someone I love and respect so much.

THANK YOU, ladies…meant a lot to me.

* * * * * * *

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!



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  1. Holly says:

    Cool dress!

  2. Lara, I would love to participate in your workshop and it would be a wonderful “excuse” to come to Portland! Is there a fun place to stay for a couple of days close by? I taught high school art photography before the days of digital, which I know nothing. I have been following your blog and love everything you do. I now own a shop on main street Fredericksburg. ( please see web site). My daughter in law is a professional photographer a- weddings, dogs, kids. (please see AshleeNewmanPhotography). So lots of connections! Let my know if you still have a space for me! thanks, Pam

  3. So sorry- missed your date posting- yes please I would like to take the Feb classes- I live just East of Washougal so this is a real blessing for me so close to home~thank you

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