Wondering if you’re still there? (Also…an amazing pilgrimage to Santa Fe)

Hello, from CrazyLand!

My 3rd grade teaching position and current role as taxi driver of teens has kept me absolutely entrenched in my off-line life.

I miss you all. ‘Thinking I might start up the MPG engine again.

Are you still there?

Please comment here so I can see if there’s anyone to write to :) 

* * *

Santa Fe. ‘Always wanted to go…finally made it happen with my favorite Texas Rodeo Queen, Cecilia.

The blue sky. The adobe. The bright, bright sun.


We went into almost 30 art galleries in one day on the famous street of galleries.

I had lost my photography mojo a little after I started teaching again last year. The Big Kahuna was hiding out in my utility room…sad…feeling neglected. but, Azah!! The southwest brought back that lovin’ feelin’ and I’m shooting for myself again. What a magical place. One that everyone had told me was “so me”. Yes, for the record, it most certainly is.

I’m having a love affair with Georgia O’keefe as a result of this trip. ‘Devoured her huge biography in a week and decided I’d like to be her..even just a little bit..for a little while. She is all kinds of wonderful for so many reasons.

I think my Artsy Girl is back and I’m glad. ‘Missed her terribly.

So, lovelies…Things going on with me..in no particular order:

* LOVING teaching again. I’m getting so many hugs from these 8 year-olds and they truly appreciate all of the crazy antics I incorporate into our learning. I’m right where I need to be, using all my gifts to make learning come alive for these little people.

*I have a kid in high school (gasp!) and am amazed at the young women my daughters are becoming. My youngest is the fastest x-country runner in the nation for 8th grade. She ran a 8:16 (mile and a half)  last week at districts. So incredible to watch. My older daughter is singing like a bird in a special choir and playing volleyball and (yay!) is showing a very good eye for photography.

*We built a red barn on our property that completes the compound. It’s so beautiful and we’re loving it.

*I’m writing a novel that takes place in Texas and I’m fire with reading everything I can get my hands on about plot and character development. I’m pretty motivated and am writing every chance I get. Who knew writing fiction was so much fun?! I have big plans to complete it this summer and get going on query letters to publishers. Bottomline…it speaks to artistic women who want IT ALL in life even though they’re busy wives and mothers. I think some of you will identify. :)

Well, lovelies…I hope your lives are going well. It would be so good to hear from you. Drop me a line if you have time in a comment or email.

Big Northwest hugs to you!




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36 Responses to Wondering if you’re still there? (Also…an amazing pilgrimage to Santa Fe)

  1. Cat Geiger says:

    You know me….still here!

  2. colleen says:

    love the sky/cloud combo – wow!

  3. larablair says:

    You’re the best, Cat :) Sending you love!

  4. larablair says:

    Thank you, Colleen!

  5. Amy Palmer says:

    Lara, I’m here! And I love reading your blog. You have a true talent for writing and your words are always relatable and inspiring. You probably don’t remember me, but I was at your final “Ignite the Heart” retreat. I have been busy with various projects since then (nothing like your crazy busyness), but busy nonetheless. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. BTW both of my kids are in 8th grade and running XC too! Your daughter sounds like she’s headed for many scholarship offers! Wow! Good for her! Amy

  6. Erin says:

    Yay! Happy to hear all is going well with you & yours! Welcome back!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    That adobe! This makes me want to visit the southwest.

    Having run x-country in 8th grade, my hat is off to your daughter. So incredible!

  8. Kerstin says:

    I’ve been hoping,and praying that the pendulum should swing back into the world of artsy-ness. So, come on back. My arms and eyes are wide open.

  9. Barb says:

    Still here! I’m ok with you being too busy to write as long as you still give a peek once in a while so we can know you’re ok and still making art. :-)
    You inspire more than you know.
    Be well,

  10. Kathy Boley says:

    Hi Lara, I’ve missed you. It’s good to see you online again. Your life sounds creatively busy, as always.

    Might there be jalapeños and javalenas in your novel?

    Love ,


  11. Holly says:

    I’m here and loving it and you!

  12. Sharon says:

    How weird. Just thought of your site today and wondered what you were up to. Serendipity?? Thinking it must be a life phase. My boys are getting older too. I’m in transition from creative carefree days of raising young children to thoughts of back to work/school prepping for my life post kids at home. Glad to hear your creative voice still murmurs, maybe not as loud but still there. Thx for sharing your inspired Sante Fe trip.

  13. Serena says:

    I’m here, I’m here!!!!! And I’ve missed you so. And not that I need another reason to visit one of my favorite gals, but you have a barn now. A red barn and I must see it :)
    We’ve been talking about building a barn.
    Oh yes. A visit down south is in serious order. Love you sweetie!

  14. Grace says:

    Still here! :)

  15. It is an inspired way to write and ask if anyone is out there still. Life is busy and if you are raising kids, traveling, teaching and writing a novel don’t worry about us. Just go girl. There are only so many hours in a lifetime. I wish you the best with all of your adventures. Lisa/dakota1966

  16. Ms Deborah J says:


  17. Kim says:

    I am still here….still teaching, still writing, still trying to improve my photography skills. I have missed you, my friend, and all my West Texas gals!

  18. I’m here!
    So happy to hear you’re still teaching our future generation. As a parent, I know that the school year is only as good as your child’s teacher is. Those children and parents must be over the moon to have such a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher.
    Deep breath and enjoy those teenage years, because before you know it, you’ll be like me, an empty-nester. Yes, exciting; but different for sure. I’m filling my time with teaching hand sewing. I’ve become a certified Alabama Chanin sewing instructor!
    Ebb and flow, doing art and contributing to family and the community, such a worthwhile way of life. Happy to see your recent photos, knowing you’re following your passion still.

  19. I have missed you terribly!

  20. Julia says:

    Yes I’m here! And just the other day I was wondering about you. I prayed for you. I’m really glad you posted.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I’m so glad to see a post from you and to catch up with what’s been happening in your life!

  22. cubus says:

    I’m here too :)
    and I also collect pictures of doors and windows.

  23. Pam says:

    Lara, still enjoying your blog and the beautiful photography. I went back to school at age 40 to teach kindergarten and 1st grade. Keep doing what you are called to do and keep on sharing with us. Hugs from us older ones, too!

  24. Marianne Scker says:

    So happy to read your blog again. I’ve missed you lots. Isn’t Santa Fe a remarkable place,
    especially for photography. It’s a photographers dream. Did you know that Scott lives there. Next time you go you should give him a call. Anyway, honey, so glad to see that you’e back. I Love you.Good luck with your book

  25. Carole Chesser says:

    I’m here, too. Loving your photography. Hoping mine gets better. Taking classes at the local community college, working, going crazy. Haven’t blogged myself in over a year. Youngest is now a high school junior.
    Need more hours in my day. Guessing that is a commonality for many.

  26. Lucille says:

    I’m still here and I give thanks every morning :)

  27. Amber says:

    I was so excited to see your blog pop up in my inbox!

  28. Love it! I’m teaching Kindergarten this year!! If you have any crazy antics to pass on to me that would be awesome!!!! I get lots if hugs, snotty noses and all kinds of sticky hands!! That’s K for ya! :).

  29. Still here and your book sounds really good, I’m serious, I can’t wait to read it! Hurry up and finish it!!! LOL!!!

  30. Cheryl says:

    Still love reading the blog and look forward to new posts. I just started teaching at a daycare. How many jobs do you know where you get a dozen hugs when you walk through the door! Best job ever.

  31. Maria Mansfield says:

    Still here. Love the Santa Fe pics. Always wanted to live there – love the southwest!

  32. Cindy says:

    I have missed your photography, stories and adventures,

  33. Pamela White says:

    I have missed MPG terribly, However I am happy to hear youre having such a wonderful experience back at teaching. Kids SO need that out of the box teaching IMO. My son has a first grade teacher like that and it has made all the difference in the world! Went from not even wanting to go to school last year, to LOVING it this year! All it takes for so e of them is creativity! Hope to read this novel soon! Writing is in your blood too! Big Hugs! Miss You!

  34. Christine says:

    Me too!

  35. JoNell Quinton says:

    Oh….you are soooo loved! I am excited to hear that you are writing a book about Texas. My family roots are the Heartland of Texas. My heart loves Texas….all things Texas: bluebonnets, windmills, cowboys, cowboy boots, the hill country, the fierce loyalty of Texans, Lone Star Beer, great bar-b-que, toe tappin’ music and NOT fancy dance halls. What’s not to love about Texas? I miss your inspiring words …great to see you back in the saddle of creativity!

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